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Now you can download teaching materials!

Updated: Mar 4

We made it quick and easy here at China Now for you to download the files you want to use in your classroom and home. Please take a look around the English Teaching Files and download as much as you want to your computer or hard drive prior to leaving for China.

Make a download easy to find.

Be sure when downloading a file follow these recommended tips to make it easy to find the next time you want to use it.

Organize. Organize. Organize.

Place the file in a place you would naturally look for it. For example, a movie file in a

movie folder than a general download folder.

Longer Names are okay

A longer name with some key descriptive words are easier for your Finder/Search

function to locate. For example, I use a name, full date, and type of publication sometime even adding terms native to my speaking and writing to make searching the file easier the next time.

Use tags for common publications

Files that are commonly named because they are repetitive in nature can be more easily

found with tags. For example, Pages lets the user add tags when renaming a file from Untitled 18 to Freshman Oral English class 4 assignment, tags: birthdays, holidays, presents, cake, friends.

Secure your download

On your device, you plan to take to China. It is important to add layers of security to the more sensitive items on your hard drive. Teaching materials are one of those things you may consider adding to a secure part of your hard drive or making some files password protected.

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